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Stepping Stone House

Will Scott

A floating house where inside and outside blur into each other.

Rising from the water the Stepping Stone House by Hamish & Lyons Architects is the protagonist of a short film by Will Scott, focusing on the relationship between the building and the surroundings. Here we are guided in a tour on the site - a surprising and elegant construction, balancing glass, metal panels and light coloured wood.

As the architects stated the site of construction "was heavily constrained: conservation area, green belt, flood zone and surrounded by listed buildings": they came up with a proposal of renewing 3 disconnected, under used and flood prone outbuildings to form additional living accommodation for the existing house: two new building where added, the first a self contained guest house, and the second a multifunctional space with a bathroom and bed deck and is primarily be used by the children as a playroom.

One great feature of the Stepping Stone House, well portrayed by Will Scott, is the interconnection of the separated spaces: the house has a glass bridge that creates a link for the structure. "Both buildings can be opened up to each other as all of the glass at ground floor level is designed as sliding, opening, door panels. At night time, the spaces can be closed and screened from each other with blinds." explain the architects. Will Scott perfectly captures the ambience: we are lead from a room to another, we follow the guests and join them for breakfast. Showing us the inside of the house we see how the interior spaces create a continuum that matches the outside setting of the building.

The other great feature is certainly the capability of the Stepping Stone House to integrate the landscape with the architecture: greens, trees, plants encircle the house creating a relaxing and inspiring habitat, made perfect by the presence of a swimming lake. A path snakes through the garden and leads out onto the stepping stones in the lake, after which the house is named.

A calming and spiritual space that is described in this video using long shots and point-of-view framing. A great use of the natural light enhances the relaxing effect of the short film: we are lead inside and outside the house, in an uninterrupted movement, getting a glimpse of the quality of the architectural design of both the building and the surroundings.

(Story by Sara Marzullo, The Architecture Player)


Architect: HAMISH & LYONS
Mentioned project: Stepping Stone House (2017)
Project location: Nr. Tewkesbury, United Kingdom

United Kingdom 2017
Duration: 3'56"