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Solar, not power station

Margherita Fabbri, Giada La Rosa

A walk through contemporary architecture in Genoa: Solar Power Station by Giovanni Francia.

The video "Solar, not power station" was conceived and filmed by students of the "Architectural Design" course held by Valter Scelsi at Genoa University. The aim was to focus attention on contemporary architecture and its maintenance: when architectural value is overlooked, even valuable buildings are affected by deterioration.

The short film presents the Solar Power Station in Genoa. In 1960 the engineer Giovanni Francia conceived an almost futuristic and precursory project and created the first prototype of a tower solar power station. The plant operated until Francia’s death in 1980. The power station was built on the property of the Marsano Agricultural Institute High School, and access is only permitted with authorisation. The short film aims to publicize the place and enable its enhancement through a new context very different from its original use. In the video, a model sunbathes and puts on her make-up using the old mirrors: it is trivial activity, but it raises the importance of the place.


Authors: Giulia Adami, Alice Poggi
Architect: Giovanni Francia
Mentioned project: Solar Power Station
Project location: Genoa, Italy

Italy 2016
Duration: 1'38''