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Factory Fifteen

A building as a cross section through society.

How can living space change in a society made of increasingly aging population? How can it respond to new arising needs? The short film was conceived by Factory Fifteen to accompany a book written by Matthias Hollwich and Bruce May on the subject of "New Aging" and presents a prototype conceived by HKWN for a truly intergenerational skyscraper, one that allows users to age in one place and constantly grow and shape their own future.

Various statements are declared by the voiceover, and two of them are especially significant, inspiring both the project and the short film. "Think of the building" - he says - "as a cross section through society". And later "Imagine how the experience of living would be different if you were supported for your whole life. How would it change the way you engage with the people around you?".

The building prototype is derived from this approach. It includes a mix of accommodations, utilities, amenities and services, conceived to meet the needs of people of various ages, from young families to elderly people. The tower enables its users to constantly grow and shape their own future. "Skyler - as the architect says - is a hybrid of the classic 1930s New York City tower with the programmatic layering of a city".

In creating this short film, Factory Fifteen chose an interesting effect inspired by the drawings representing the building where a moulded grid defines the shape of the architecture. Translated into moving images, this suggestion became a very peculiar way to represent the city, people and architecture, by using oversized pixel as the images come from an early digital era where images are still undefined.


Architect: Hollwich Kushner (HWKN)
Mentioned project: Skyler: a new aging tower
Project location: New York, USA
Concept Design: Matthias Hollwich, March Kushner, Robert May, Scott Miller
Sound Design: Echoic
VO Script: Zander Cote

United Kingdom 2016
Duration: 2'03''