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Short Film / 'PZZL' Cultural space [Third-Place] in Thionville, France

Dominique Coulon & Associés

A public space where you can find your personal shelter.

A cultural center is necessary in the city. It must be comfortable and welcoming, a place people can become confident with. The short film introduces the PUZZLE Cultural Center in Thionville, designed by Dominique Coulon, and shows how the building interacts with city and citizens.

The area was previously occupied by a parking, and has a series of tall trees along its perimeter which have been maintained. Behind them, the white volume of the cultural center stands with its peculiar form: a solid volume with a circular perimeter, the roof folding and descending towards the ground without touching it, so that visitors from the interiors can still perceive the urban space around.

The interior space is continuos. Smaller rooms exist and they all maintain a visual contact with the central main hall, some of them hosting collective activities such as music playing others designed for individual fruition such as reading. The roof is also a place for people to socialize, play or simply rest. Each citizen can find his own personal spot in the new cultural Center of Thionville.


Mentioned project: 'Puzzle' Cultural space (2016)
Project location: Thionville, France
Architects: Dominique Coulon, Steve Letho Duclos, Gautier Duthoit (architecte assistant)
Film direction: Victor Diyan, Hélène Moser Giakoumakis
Film producer: David Romero-Uzeda & Diana Bastos-Romero
Camera operator: David Romero-Uzeda, Victor Diyan, Hélène Moser Giakoumakis
Client: Ville de Thionville
Riders BMX: Crew Amortox (Basile HERMAND, Thomas HELLER)
Acting extras: Dominique Coulon (architect), Steve Letho Duclos (architect, partner in charge), Olivier Nicollas (architect, partner), Ali Ozku (architect), Enzo Sessini (intern), Coraline Huot-Marchand (intern), Jules Schall (intern)
Musicians: Genevieve Ladener (trombone), Bernadette Ladener (violoncello)
Appearing: Basile Hermand, Thomas Heller (Crew Amortox); Genevieve Ladener (trombone), Bernadette Ladener (violoncello); Dominique Coulon, Steve Letho Duclos, Olivier Nicollas, Ali Ozku, Enzo Sessini, Coraline Huot-Marchand, Jules Schall (Dominique Coulon & Associés); Sylvie Terrier ('Puzzle' Cultural space); Max Coulon; Thomas Walter; Joseph Walter, Jose David Quiros Pablo Romero-Kilian, Carolina Romero-Kilian (children)
Other: Sylvie Terrier (Directrice Puzzle), Thierry Benoit (directeur adjoint / Coordinateur artistique), Mike Diwo (Chef de projet Communication et Audiovisuel), Eric Bauer (chef de projet informatique), Max Coulon (artist), Thomas Walter (architect), Joseph Walter (child), Jose David Quiros, Pablo Romero-Kilian (child), Carolina Romero-Kilian (child), PZZL team
Equipement: Digistore / PZZL team
Music: Amarok Czukay, "Aske (Mannu)"

France 2016
Duration: 3'18''