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Eva Sommeregger

Exploring limits of the current definition of space.

"*.scape" explores literally and metaphorically the limits of the current definition of space. Eva Sommeregger decides to use the same camera angle of a Google Street View shot as an inquiry into the means of recording and localizing places. The vision is subverted in order to give the audience the perception of an internet "no one - doing nothing - nowhere", as the author subtitles.

The animation's camera is positioned at the centre of a layered, spherical projector that allows for any perceivable shot, from a specific point, to a 360°x360° photographic image orbit. The results are eerie, fake and interchangeable "scapes" with no geographical focus, spherical pictures of a continuous field without the distinction between man-made and natural. Rather than recording the actual, the film deals with the issues of the now-here and a utopia's no-where. This nomadic system generates a poetic space without local horizons.

The adoption of an unconventional spatial set-up and of an alternative point of observation allows Sommeregger's architectural research to reach relevant, but often overlooked, landscape issues. Within "*.scape" it is played out a post-digital and post-urban scenario, that underlines how "space is not a vessel, it is produced/practiced by its protagonists, creating their very own space-time".


United Kingdom 2007
Duration: 4'04''

Selected for VISIONS, the 2009 edition of BEYOND MEDIA Festival organized by Image.