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Luis Urculo

Chicks, warm up for party at PS1!

In this flashy and striking video Luis Urculo interprets the reflections of Fake Industries Architectural Agonism and MAIO on the typological and technological approach of architecture to boost a successful party. By means of recalling the tradition of New York architectural celebrations as a system of multiple uncovered interior spaces, the project conceived by the group of American and Spanish architects as a provocative entry for the MOMA PS1 International YAP 2014 Competition.

The circular nature of Urculo's video exaggerates and flaunts a continuous succession of different rooms - which simulate the different atmospheres and conversations of a party -, as the camera follows a circuitous route through doors, windows and holes in a reduced scale-model, which includes the subversive and ironic presence of chicks. Small, medium, or very intimate festive settings such as apartments, bars, dark rooms, etc. use more architectural methods to provide tactile experiences (surface materials) and to unveil or conceal (walls, doors). Architectural devices, such as walls, doors and materials, are re-imagined as methods to provide tactile experiences, and unveil hidden spaces, to make any party a spectacular event.


Architect: Fake Industries Architectural Agonism, Maio
Mentioned project: Entry for the MOMA PS1 International YAP 2014 Competition (2014)
Project location: New York, USA

Spain 2014
Duration: 38''

Selected for PUBLIC SYMPHONIES (Rome; October 2014), a public talk and architectural video screening curated by Image for MAXXI.