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Alessandro Garilli

Rebuilding a sense of comunity after a calamity.

The "Rebirth" short film by Alessandro Garilli introduces the story of a community reborn through architecture after a calamity. The old church in Medolla, a small city in Northern Italy, collapsed during the earthquake in 2012: among other losses, citizens were deprived of a reference point. The new church, designed by Marazzi Architetti and completed in 2015, eased the rebirth and reconstruction of the local society.

The Christian cross is set in the centre of the camera. People pass by singularly and then disappear, appearing once again together in the church hall as members of a community that finds cheer in recovering its physical and spiritual reference points.

The video was produced for the "Living Landscapes" call for videos announced by Cino Zucchi and Stalker for the Italian pavilion at the 2014 Venice Biennale. Some settings were established as competition requirements, such as the use of a fixed camera. The video was selected to be part of the collective video installation made up of the most interesting short films submitted for the call.

(Story by Paola Ricco, The Architecture Player)

Authors icon Credits

Architect: Marazzi Architetti
Mentioned project: Post–Earthquake Timber Church (2012-2013)
Project location: Medolla, Italy
Visual effects: Fabio "Zedd" Cavallo

Italy 2014
Duration: 3'14''