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Re-Inhabiting the Maule river

Germán Valenzuela

A new small public space is born along the river.

A team of architecture students from Talca University, led by Chilean architect and tutor Germán Valenzuela Buccolini, are involved in the regeneration project for the Maule river area (Chile), near the small village of Gonzales Bastias.

Valenzuela's short documentary films the whole process, leaving to live-footage frames and photos the narration of the transformation of the banks, without dialogues but only with the backdrop of an original syncopate sound design by Andreas Bodenhofer. In the video it is clear how slight yet effective modifications allow the local community of former railroad employees to gain a new small public space along the river. Four reinforced concrete plates, their sides set into the rock cantilevering over the water, provide a series of shared spots that keep a constant, quiet dialogue with the village and its history. At the same time, these newly designed elements fit perfectly in the surrounding landscape and are economically sustainable thanks to the use of local materials and the recycling of debris from former buildings.


Mentioned project: Re-inhabiting the banks
Project location: Maule river, Gonzales Bastias, Chile
Music: Andreas Bodenhofer

Chile 2013
Duration: 4’18''