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Rafaela New Cultural Center

Federico Cairoli

A new cultural space is about to invade and seduce the city.

In the short film "Rafaela New Cultural Center", Federico Cairoli's camera explores the renovation and transformation of the large, open spaces of the Old Municipal Market in Rafaela (Santa Fe, Argentina) into the exhibition and meeting spaces designed by Carlos Airaudo, Gerardo Caballero, Ariel Giménez Rita, Fabián Llonch.

The short documentary outlines the architects' idea of restoring the historical public role of the building as an urban landmark by rebuilding the original facades and re-establishing the entries on its axis, while preserving a permanent and continuous relationship with the surrounding social context through a daily schedule of cultural activities.

Cairoli shows the fundamental role of a new public space designed by the architects, a square that connects the old area of the former market to the brand new zone of the Convention Center, while opening up to the rest of the city, to San Martín street, the Belgrano Movie Theater and virtually to the Santa Fe Boulevard.


Architect: Carlos Airaudo, Gerardo Caballero, Ariel Giménez Rita, Fabián Llonch
Mentioned project: Rafaela New Cultural Center (2011-2013)
Project location: Rafaela, Santa Fe, Argentina

Argentina 2015
Duration: 3'15''