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RAE 2017

JAG Studio

An experimental microdwelling to test ecomaterial.

RAE is a microdwelling located on the Chimborazo volcano's slope at an altitude of 4.850 meters. Here, environmental conditions are quite extreme. In this small construction, the design team tested prefabricated panels made with ecomaterial developed from discarded natural fibers including rice, coconut, rice, and bananas, in order to find possible advances for architecture.

The short film is clear in its construction. At first, the camera focuses on details, exposing the observer to the prefabricated panels' variety in material qualities. Then the frame pulls back to reveal the whole microdwelling as it is situated in its context. The video ends with a short and effective statement from the design team, declaring a work approach aimed to explore further ways in design.

RAE, the acronym for Refugio Antártico Ecuatoriano (Ecuadorean Antarctic Refuge, in English), is a research project of SINDE, the Research and Development System unit of the Santiago De Guayaquil University, in collaboration with the Ecuadorean Antarctic Institute and the Ecuadorean Ministry of Environment. The microdwelling is conceived as emergency temporary shelter for expeditionaries and scientists from Ecuador or abroad conducting research projects in Antarctica.

(Story by Alex Petruso, The Architecture Player)


Architects: Juan Carlos Bamba, Alejandro Gonzáles, Ignacio de Teresa
Mentioned project: RAE Refugio Antártico Ecuatoriano (2016)
Direction and script: Cuqui Rodríguez
Post Production: Diego Cortez
Photography: Juan Alberto Andrade
Sound: Alfredo Ramirez

Ecuador 2017
Duration: 2'29''