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The Piranesi Experience

A tour into the new IULM Knowledge Transfer Center by 5+1AA.

This short film produced by The Piranesi Experience and directed by Ernesta Caviola depicts the most relevant features of the new "Knowledge Transfer Center" at IULM University in Milan designed by 5+1AA.

The building is located in what used to be the outskirts of the city of Milan, today almost part of the city center. The tower hosts atelier and studios and is visually characterized by ramps developed along the walls and leaning against them. The complex also includes a 700-seat auditorium and 800 square meters of exhibition space. Volumes are connected, the auditorium being at the center and quite noticeable due to its green roof covered with ceramics. Bricks, plaster and glass are mainly used for the facades. The latter is used in a very peculiar way, especially in the tower, which seems to have randomly placed windows on three sides and a curtain wall on the fourth. The video begins with night views, then the camera meanders inside and lingers on the exterior with drone views. The last frames suggest the idea of meta-theater, showing the short film itself projected on the auditorium's screen and seen from the director’s room.

Quaranta2 is part of a series of three short films produced to introduce the IULM building, each with a different duration. Starting from a similar footage, but working on editing and sound, the three short films unveil different aspects of the same space.


Mentioned project: IULM Knowledge Transfer Centre (2003-2015)
Project location: Milan, Italy
Director: Ernesta Caviola
Producer: Claudio Esposito
Director of production: Fabio Paolucci
Editing: Alessio Franco
Original Soundtrack: Populous (Andrea Mangia)
Color: Emanuele Pasquet
With: Giusy Lo Schiavo, Francesco Loschiavo, Carlo Occhipinti

Italy 2015
Duration: 2'52''