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OMA AMO, Davide Rapp

Scenes from movies help entering and exiting the project's narration.

Collage is an evergreen technique in architectural representation. But what if it was extended to moving images? To introduce the PXP project proposal designed by OMA and Gecina for the "Reinventer Paris" competition, filmmakers Davide Rapp and Giorgio Zangrandi raid scenes from movies and merge them with project's images, using the rotoscoping technique in a rather unprecedented way for architecture. The result is a brilliant short film superimposing situations and scenarios related to the new building with a selection of scenes from a renowned filmic imaginary.

The project was developed by OMA in collaboration with Michel Desvigne for the landscape design and ARUP for the engineering development. The design starts from four isolated courtyard buildings then turned and merged into one mixed-use structure devoted mainly to offices but also including hotel, residential and retail functions. The main concept related with the program is going beyond the usual duality between public and private and favors the sharing, "partage" in French. The building is located in a key position on the axis linking Paris historical area with La Défense business district, one which is going to assume a relevant place in the development of Great Paris.


Architect: OMA, GECINA
Mentioned project: PXP (2016)
Project location: Paris, France
Editor Assistant: Giorgio Zangrandi
Music: ChapelOne + FUZZ ATELIER

The Netherlands 2016
Duration: 2'52''