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Eric Owen Moss Architects

Introducing a design narrative with an assemblage of sketches, photos and 3D models.

In an interactive blend of the original drawing and the wire frame model, this video retraces and explores the design process of Eric Owen Moss Architects' project for the Wedgewood Holly Complex in Culver City (California, US).

The short film shows Moss's approach to architecture as model, as object to manipulate. The Pterodactyl is one of the "Conjunctive Points" in the "Hayden Tract", called "New Culver City", a section of the small city that Moss - along with a team of developers known as Samitaur Smiths - has adorned with a collection of his architectural experimentations, transforming low-slung commercial buildings into eye-catching forms.

Resembling the process of a traditional architectural presentation, the video opens on the territorial scale of an aerial image that zooms on the urban background. From the original sketch to the 3d digital model, it outlines the insertion of manipulated elements in the more traditional, orthogonal structure of this hybrid program of office building and parking garage made of a steel frame, metal decks and regular bays.


Architect: Eric Owen Moss Architects
Mentioned project: Pterodactyl (1994-2014)
Project location: Culver City, California, USA

USA 2001
Duration: 5'23''

Selected for INTIMACY, the 2003 edition of the BEYOND MEDIA Festival organized by Image.