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Projecte de restauració del Paratge de Tudela-Culip al Parc natural del Cap de Creus


Reclaiming by Undoing.

Landscape is a resource, and wherever it has been spoilt restoration is required. The Tudela Culip project, designed by Marti Franch and J/T ARDÈVOL, represents positive requalification for a high-value terrain which even inspired the artist Salvador Dali. Using live footage shot during the construction works and after completion, the video introduces the project and shows how the intervention reclaimed the terrain.

The location is Cap de Creus, on the Costa Brava in the northeastern part of Spanish coast next to the French border. The area has exceptional biological, geological and scenic qualities and required protection under a special care regime, thus in 1998 it became a Natural Park.

The renovation project started with the demolition of Club Med built in the area in 1960. The project involved the complete recycling of the residual material. The recovery continued with the extraction of exotic invasive flora. After a careful survey of the geography, the orography was restored and drainage was managed in order to re-establish the natural dynamics of the erosion and transportation of sediments.

A public space was created by adding small pieces of furniture as observation points: paths, benches and platforms to facilitate observation of the scenery. The landscape was restored to a more natural appearance and contemplation of it has been improved by simple and non-invasive elements. Wind, rocks and sea are now the strong features of this land whose value is both natural and cultural.

(Story by Paola Ricco, The Architecture Player)


Author: Mun Films
Architect: EMF, Ardèvols Consultors Asociats
Mentioned project: Public Reception project in the site of Tudela-Culip at the National Park Cap de Creus (2005-2010)
Project location: Partage de Tudela-Culip, Cap de Creus, Catalunya, Spain

Spain 2011
Duration: 7'45''