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PRO 01 Casa Taller

JAG Studio

Prototype shelter for earthquake affected families in Ecuador.

Casa Taller PRO 01 was designed by Juan Pablo Astudillo Cordero and InLab as an emergency and progressive house for families affected by the earthquake that occurred in Ecuador on April 16, 2016. In this short film JAG Studio approaches the small house and films its details with a slow and gentle gaze, and a huge respect for people living there.

The shelter is built mostly with wood. Technical limitations, in terms of construction methods and materials, do not in any way hinder the quality of the residential space, one that conveys the feeling of being in a real home and transmits a sense of protection, despite the emergency and the difficult economical conditions.


Architect: Juan Pablo Astudillo Cordero, InLab
Mentioned project: Prototipo de Vivienda Emergente y Progresiva (2016)
Project location: Cuenca, Ecuador
Music: Johnny Ripper, Walts for an Imaginary Piano

Ecuador 2016
Duration: 1'42''