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Place des cercles

Luis Urculo, Mansilla+Tuñón

A creative approach to video for introducing the new Halles project in Paris.

"Place des Cercles" video narrates a virtual tour through the proposal Mansilla+Tuñón Arquitectos made for the International competition aimed at the construction of the Carreau des Halles in Paris. A very young Luis Urculo and his team seem to explore the perception of the future scenario and the very significance of the project, rather than seek a realistic effect at all costs.

Within this video different tools at different scales are alternated and combined, such as aerial photographs, drawings, animations and video. The simulation of the visit through the "Place des Cercles" is generated by means of overlapping a real person to an animated three-dimensional reconstruction of the project, screened over a wall of the artist's studio.

Luis Urculo's constant research is related simultaneously with graphic design, videos, art installation and architecture. This allows him and his collaborators to develop an investigation through models and visual experiments "with the goal of reaching the limits of the project" by means of interrogating and challenging the conventional perspectives.

In this work Luis Urculo's open format seems to meet Mansilla+Tuñón Arquitectos attitude to the confrontation of theory and building activity: "the barriers of the graphical language, architecture and design are questioned as something unique that work as a whole" in order to create "new scenes/ experiences/ expectations not contemplated previously".

By means of focusing on a real person perspective and movements, the Spanish video artist also seems to highlight the centrality of human presence within the Spanish firm's plans. The project's protagonist is the public space as much as the video's protagonist is the public use of this imaginary future place in the center of Paris.


Mentioned project: Place des Cercles, international competition for the construction of Carreau des Halles
Project location: Paris, France

Spain 2007
Duration: 2'32''

First selected for VISIONS, the 2009 edition of BEYOND MEDIA Festival organized by Image.