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Place de la République - project


A collage to prefigure situations in a public space.

Collage is an evergreen technique for testing and representing projects. It offers an overview of designed spaces and stimulates reflections about possible uses. It can also host iconic references, as Ludwig Mies van der Rohe did by collaging Pablo Picasso's "Guernica" into his drawings.

This short film introduces the observer to the Place de la République project, in Paris, through the production of a collage. The designers, TVK, redeveloped the piazza focusing on the concept of a scene that can open to many urban uses. The result is a laraarge-scale landscape that acts as a metropolitan facility: a platform where situations happen and evolve.

An axis associates the statue of Marianne, the mirror of water and the alignment of the trees. This harmony is amplified by a calm mineral and a very gentle slope. Precast concrete slabs in different shades materialize its ground surface. The piazza's southwest part houses a pavilion, a unique building with four sides of glass that permits continuous perceptions of the space. Generous in its dimensions, popular by its history, the new Place de la République becomes a center of attraction, exchanges, and encounters.

The collage superimposes the recognizable inhabitants of the Supersurface designed by Superstudio in order to establish Place de la République as the background for citizens' lives.

(Story by Alex Petruso, The Architecture Player)


Architect: TVK
Mentioned project: Place de la République
Project location: Paris, France
Music: The Shoes, People Movin'

France 2010
Duration: 2'03''