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Piscina Vizcaya

Luis Urculo

Blurred as childhood memories are.

In this short movie by Luis Urculo Studio, the new swimming pool designed by Javier Pérez Uribarri for a school in Sondica (Vizcaya, Spain) becomes the subject of a tale for 8-year-old boys and girls: the project is interpreted from the future users point of view.

"Piscina Vizcaya" is based on memories as the most powerful mean to transport in the video the eye and perception of a little boy. Suddenly the school swimming pool might be everything, even a mountain that one day some men got filled with water.

The short movie is the second act of a three-videos project by the Spanish video maker and visual artist, that explores three different measurement units (size - memory - complexity) to represent and eventually transform the spaces.


Architect: ACXT, Javier Pérez Uribarri
Mentioned project: Swimming Pool in Vizcaya school (2002)
Project location: Sondica, Vizcaya, Spain
Editing: Mauricio Freyre
Text: Jesus Carrasco

Spain 2010
Duration: 2'47''

Selected for CITY VISIONS (Turin; April - October 2012), a series of public talks, conferences, and architecture videos on six dates curated by Image for URBAN CENTER METROPOLITANO.