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Parque de la Memoria

Manu Landivar

A place for memory in Buenos Aires.

This short film by Manu Landivar offers a slow and respectful glimpse on the Parque de la Memoria in Buenos Aires, the monument to civilian victims of state terrorism. Silence and respect are necessary when dealing with the memory of violence. In fact suspension and wait are prevalent qualities of this filmed walk into a public space that is able to merge the symbolism of a monument with contemporary uses.

The project is conceived as a continuous but slightly varied soil, where various activities take place, from leisurely strolling and resting to attending cultural and educational activities. A good balance between infrastructure and recreative uses, between built and open spaces, between architecture and natural landscape is achieved in this place, on the coast of the Rio de la Plata estuary. The park is a place for commemoration, and artworks by various artists enrich it to make the place even more significant.


Architects: Estudio Baudizzone-Lestard-Varas with Claudio Ferrari and Daniel Becker
Mentioned project: Parque de la Memoria (1998-2007)
Project location: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Music: Juan Stewart, "Faro Buenos Aires"

Argentina 2013
Duration: 3'05''