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Parco Centrale di Prato - EMBT

Miralles Tagliabue EMBT

Envisioning usages of a contemporary park in the heart of an ancient city.

This short film introduces the proposal by EMBT for the "Parco Centrale di Prato" competition, aimed to renovate a key area in the old city center to be transformed it into a public park.

Water is the protagonist. The main suggestion for the project comes in fact from the millponds once scattered across the landscape, whose memory is now recovered in the design of the new park. Connections with the urban fabric are established by means of two wooden squares at the edge of the site. The park hosts various leisure activities such as sports, arts, farming, gardening, public performances, and workshops related to handicraft or food.

This short film is composed by a peculiar graphics, in line with the one used for the competition drawings. Collage is the main technique, photos of the model, planimetric outlines, details, and other images, still or in motion, all set side by side to anticipate how the activities happening in the new public space.

Authors icon Credits

Mentioned project: Il Parco Centrale di Prato (2016)
Project location: Prato, Italy
Filmmakers: Lluc Miralles, Xavier Parcerisas (Oudú Studio)
Design Group: Benedetta Tagliabue (Group Leader), Stefan Geenen and Nazaret Busto (Project Directors), Riccardo Radica, Patricia De Osma, Kwong Fai Luk, Míša Křižáková, Juan David Fawcett, Filippo Dozzi, Enrico Narcisi, Carmine Rago, Paola Amato, Gabriele Rotelli, Paula Gheorghe (Design Team)
Sustainability consultant: Matteo Ruta, Gabriele Masera (ABC Department, Polimi)
Bussiness Plan: Alessio C. Mirabella
Management Plan: Diego Malosso (Concordia sas)
Landscape Architect: Luca Puri
Geologist: Jampel Dell’angelo
Coastal Geologist: Luigi Enrico Cipriani
Multimedia Comunications: David Xirau Trias, Glòria Martí Costa
Local Architect: Eleonora Matilde Monzali
Renders: Prompt Collective, Play Time

Spain 2016
Duration: 4'25''