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Oltre la Siepe

Andrea Armano

A walk through contemporary architecture in Genoa: New Municipal Offices by Franco Albini.

The video "Oltre la Siepe" was conceived and filmed by students of the "Architectural Design" course held by Valter Scelsi at Genoa University. The aim was to focus attention on contemporary architecture and its maintenance: when architectural value is overlooked, even valuable buildings are affected by deterioration.

Franco Albini is a renowned Italian architect and designer. During his career, he often worked in Genoa where he created various buildings, including the New Municipal Offices. Their construction started in 1950 and was completed in 1964. The buildings are a magnificent example of Italian contemporary architecture. They are located in the city centre and are hidden in a sloping area between the lower historical Palazzo Tursi and the "belvedere" of Castelletto, a quarter of Genoa. The city council hall was entirely designed by Albini in 1962. Albini based the design on the composition of modular spaces in order to arrange the offices according to requirements. The architect conceived the building as a volume composed of slightly staggered levels and used a lot of roof gardens. His aim was to include some features of traditional architecture in his project to avoid it breaking with the urban contest.


Authors: Chiara Canepa, Giulio Marsano, Giorgia Sciandini
Architect: Franco Albini
Mentioned project: New Municipal Offices (1950-1954)
Project location: Genoa, Italy

Italy 2016
Duration: 1'53''