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Of all the things we've made

La Macchina Studio

A shift towards a different reality.

The video "Of all the things we made" concentrates a lot of significance in a tiny format. It shows to the observer the possibility for shifting towards a different reality, made by wishing for change, a desire to make, creativity, imagination, and love for cultural roots. The video introduces the Farm Cultural Park, a cultural project started in Favara, in Sicily (Italy). Here a couple set up a form of resistance to foster a cultural rebirth against the abandonment of Favara and against the persistence of the mafia.

The video is produced by La Macchina Studio, an architecture office accustomed to use moving images in short forms as gifs, loops or micro animations. The scene is simple but full of references. The dominant reference is to the Deucalion and Pyrrahs ancient mythology. The myth tells that the two protagonists were the only survivors of the great flood sent by Zeus to punish the human race. Both were chosen by their virtues and survived thanks to an ark. The couple created a new human race by throwing rocks into the land that instantly became men and women. In the same way, the Farm Cultural Park community, giving voice and soul to the rocks, are safe aboard a dazzling ark that is looking for a new shore to plant the seed of cultural renaissance.

The opening shot is a reference to the actual urban context across which a visitor passes approaching the Farm Cultural Park. Hereafter, the dazzling ship appears. Its aspects borrow some qualities from the Farm Cultural Park headquarters characterized by the dazzling camouflage and enriched by iconic installations of the robot and the snail.

La Macchina Studio produced the video for the exhibition "RAFT – a journey around the planet FARM", on occasion of the 6th anniversary of Farm Cultural Park.


Architect: Laps Architecture
Mentioned project: Farm Cultural Park
Project location: Favara, Italy

Italy 2016
Duration: 1'03''