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New Lorenteggio Library


Building hypothesis: a model library for Milan

What is a model? An hypothesis, a possible future, a different way to re-imagine a space. In this new short film by 2A+P/A, we visit a place that exists only as a possibility, an evanescent reality: the Rome-based architectural firm, by Gianfranco Bombaci and Matteo Costanzo, designed a project for the New Library of Lorenteggio in Milan, which received the 3rd prize in the restricted competition.

A façade painted in yellow, a tiny little black bike: this is where our journey begins - the video is entirely shot inside the model built for the competition; everything is so carefully designed take it might a few second to realize it.
The library, on two floors, is provided with chairs, a piano, bookshelves and large windows looking towards a garden: a triangular-shaped structure breaks the rectangular perimeter, giving an unpredictable rhythm to the main room, creating different spaces for different uses, without making them too secluded.
Flooded with light and thanks to its open spaces, the library was designed to welcome readers, scholars and kids - a place for the ones who study and the ones who want to spend time together. 2A+P/A designed the project for the New Library of Lorenteggio in Milan as a place for people, for a new community.

2A+P/A works on architectural, urban and landscape design with a particular interest in the nature and condition of the contemporary city. It engages in a broad range of activities including public and private buildings, housing complexes, urban spaces, event pavilions, temporary installations and interior design. Recently they founded CAMPO, a space to debate, study and celebrate architecture in Rome.

(Story by Sara Marzullo, The Architecture Player)


Architects: 2A+P/A (Gianfranco Bombaci and Matteo Costanzo)
Mentioned project: New Library Lorenteggio (2018)
Project location: Lorenteggio, Milan, Italy
Design Team: Matteo Novarino, Magdalena Jendras, Louis B. de Saint Affrique, Chiara Nastasi, Nicol Anais
Model workgroup: Louis B. de Saint Affrique, Chiara Nastasi, Nicol Anais
Model supervision: Marco Garofalo - Modelab
Photography: Giulio Aleandri
Editing and sound design: PRO CREATE LAB
Music: Engvall - Langtan
sounds: freesounds.org

Italy 2018
Duration: 3'09"