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New Bologna Train Station


An imaginary dialogue between past and future.

An animated photomontage and 3D rendered models introduce 5+1AA's proposal for the new integrated complex of the Bologna train station in a sort of suspended atmosphere. Black and white sequences and overlapped texts explain the design and its very genesis, while introducing the viewers both to the history and to the new environment of the station.

The short film, made to introduce the competition project back in 2008, mainly explores the aim of the design solution: to create a link between the past and the future, reinforcing an imaginary dialogue between the existing courtyards, porticos, parks, secret or reflective gardens, and the newly designed spaces of 5+1AA's project.


Author: Attu Studio
Architect: 5+1AA
Mentioned project: New Bologna Central Station (2008)
Project location: Bologna, Italy

Italy 2008
Duration: 3'38''