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Museo del Bicentenario

Manu Landivar

A cultural space in Buenos Aires.

In the hectic life of Buenos Aires, citizens and tourists can find a cultural place where they can slow down, while still being aware of the city around them. The Museum del Bicentenario, designed by B4FS Arquitectos, is conceived to recover an archeological site near the Aduana building - a neoclassical government building - and turn it into a contemporary museum.

The museum is underground, its glass and metal rooftop emerging at ground level, and the part hosting the entrance is the only volume emerging from the ground. The building is meant to recover the ancient artefacts, that are now completely visible to the public, and ensures a clear understanding of the city outside. These two main qualities of the project are well introduced in the short film by Manu Landivar.

The building is integrated with the surroundings of the Bicentenary Cultural Center - in the former Post & Telegraphs Palace - creating a cultural corridor between the river and the refurnished district of Puerto Madero.


Architect: B4FS Arquitectos
Mentioned project: Museo del Bicentenario
Project location: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Music: Juan Stewart, "Faro"

Argentina 2014
Duration: 3'03''