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Lyon Confluence – Ilot B2


A new building by 5+1AA at the Confluence in Lyon.

The new development of the Lyon Confluence is a huge urban renewal project aimed to transform a former industrial area into a new, vibrant part of the city. Within the master plan by Herzog & de Meuron for the urban design and Michel Desvigne for the landscape design, many architects are working on the lots. 5+1AA, in collaboration with Siz-Ix Architectes, designed the Ilot B2, which is located in a quite prominent position, facing the canal and at the very entrance to the area.

5+1AA controlled the geometry, position, height and functions of the building in order to integrate the block in the overall plan. The ground floor plan is devoted to commercial activities, while residences are on the upper floors. A more intimate public space is obtained between the buildings. Facades are covered with a shimmering material which provides some variance to an otherwise regular and compact front.

Asylum, the author of the short film, chose a mixed media technique. The observer follows a girl jogging in the area. While the real footage at the beginning of the video offers an overview of the place with its peculiar landscape with hills and the two rivers, the cgi images, both static and in motion, show the project in context.


Author: Asylum
Architect: 5+1AA, [six’-ix]
Mentioned project: Lyon Confluence – Ilot B2 (2015)
Project location: Lyon, France

France 2015
Duration: 3'42''