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Langarita-Navarro, the movie

Langarita-Navarro arquitectos

Architectural models live here a second life, in a funny and surprising narration!

In this video by Langarita-Navarro the bizzarre narration and the deliberately simple representation style do not interfere with the description of the projects, whose models are utilized. On the contrary, both the plastic reconstruction of buildings and spaces and the weird anecdotes of their inhabitants seem to make Langarita-Navarro works even more clear and understandable for any kind of public. The disenchanted attitude and the marked self-irony of the studio make the communication of Langarita-Navarro's works simultaneously amusing as much as more incisive.

This original "road movie" was conceived for the Spanish Pavilion at the 11th International Architecture Exhibition of the Biennale di Venezia (2008). "LANGARITA-NAVARRO, the movie" is actually a playful way for Langarita-Navarro arquitectos to introduce some of their latest works along an imaginary odd journey to Zaragoza and Madrid (Spain).

A "crazy party that ends in a funny 'conga', a final fight between aliens from outer space, a failed picnic and a detective story" are staged in the plastic model of two housings, a large park and a Contemporary Art Centre. The models look like toy buildings rather than plans representations. Langarita-Navarro themselves summarize their unusual video as a "spectacular motion picture, where all the characters' stories are interwoven with amazing races and pursuits."


Mentioned projects: Casa Fx (2007-2009), Casa Doble (2009), Lolita, infrastructure for events and meals (2010), Medialab-Prado (2008-2013)
Projects location: Zaragoza, Madrid, Spain
Direction and design: Victor Navarro, María Langarita, Roberto González

Spain 2008
Duration: 5'24''

Selected for VISIONS, the 2009 edition of BEYOND MEDIA Festival organized by Image.