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Beauty and The Bit

Chronicles from an after world

An architecture film, not just an architecture animation: this is how Beauty and The Bit presents their latest work, titled "Landmark".
Set in a tomorrowland, the film was directed by Victor Bonafonte, founder of Beauty and The Bit company together with Lina Garau; former architect, his strong interest in visual arts turned him in a CG artist, to explore this part of architecture.

Opera prima of BATB, "Landmark" is a story of a man in a desolated world: the film starts out with a voice over, a man communicating his solitary confinement to the viewer, a sort of message in a bottle coming out of nowhere. He presents himself as the replacement guy for what looks like an intelligence centre. A broken down car, lifeless trees, dark soil are his only companions: he's stranded there, trying to make this oversized place a home for him, waiting for something to happen.

Denis Villeneuve's "2049: Blade Runner" is the first reference to come in mind, this place a mixture of the sequences in which Ryan Gosling goes to that faraway farm and of the falling apart hotel in which Harrison Ford has retired; but rather than post-apocalyptic, the "Landmark" landscape sounds like more as it has been deserted.
Watching it, I recall a great book from the '80s, by David Markson, titled "Wittgenstein's mistress", a tale of an abandoned world, where the only person left alive writes letters from the Hermitage Museum’s attic, from which we are not able to tell facts from fiction. "Landmark" is a fable, as Bonafonte calls it, "People tend to analyze it as a dark film, but deep in the end I think it conveys a message of hope".

BATB' aim is to spice up architectural animation, trying to push its limits, going beyond the fly-overs drone-like filming: "I think there's a lot to win implementing some cinematographic elements on an architectural movie", says Bonafonte. "Landmark" is an inspiring short film that opens a new season for the use of animation in architecture.

(Story by Sara Marzullo, The Architecture Player)


Written and directed by: Victor Bonafonte Morales
Production: Lina Garau (SR Burrito Production)
Artist: Victor Bonafede Morales, Eva Bonafonte, Jesinalbert Gomez, Martin Jario, Josune Lozano, Lautaro Vogel
Voice Over: Robyn Green
Mixing: Robyn Green at Rob's Spaceland in Geneva

Spain 2018
Duration: 3'21"