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La Poste du Louvre


An architectural transformation as a unique "chronotype" to explore Grand Paris.

In the video "La Poste du Louvre", ArtefactoryLab aims to present 5+1AA's proposal for the restoration of the Poste du Louvre complex in Paris as an important occasion to create a unique chronological prototype, a sort of powerful device conceived to discover and experience the city, its history and its future transformations, as well as to mediate the contradictions of the metropolis both in terms of time and space, of poetry and pragmatism.

By means of an in-depth analysis that involves at the same time sensibility, sense and soul, the Paris-based visualization company shows the functional partition of the structure through a virtual transparent model of the overall building. Tricky's "Hell is round the corner" plays while a combination of images and virtual rendered models of the designed spaces allows the audience to visualize the effects of the project on the urban scene and on the skyline of the city from multiple perspectives, both from inside and outside the architecture.


Mentioned project: La Poste du Louvre (2012)
Project location: Paris, France
Photography: Ernesta Caviola
Models: Ernesta Caviola, 5+1AA
Music: Tricky

France 2012
Duration: 4'01''