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La nuova sede della Regione Lombardia


City and territory meet in this new institutional landmark.

In this early digital animation, Metrogramma studio allows the viewers to slowly approach and experience their design for the new Headquarters of Regione Lombardia in Milan. In this virtual journey the concept and the urban grafting of the project are explored through an aerial view of the outside context as well as through a straight close-up on the interiors and architectural details of the two towers connected by a suspended bridge.

The video introduces a reflection upon the role and the identity of a new institutional benchmark for the contemporary metropolis and the whole surrounding landscape, a new public space designed to be territorial sign and urban infrastructure at the same time. The inner spaces of the structure seem to be somehow connected to the city through their transparent glass facades, that allow most of the building's internal activities and dynamics to be visible from the outside.

A bunch of superimposed short texts pop up in the animation and explain the main functional paths and areas of Metrogramma’s project. The "Regione Lombardia" video was produced to present Metrogramma's entry in the Regione Lombardia Headquarters Competition.


Architect: Metrogramma
Mentioned project: Regione Lombardia Headquarters (2004)
Project location: Milan, Italy

Italy 2004
Duration: 1'33''