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La Habitación de la Fachada

Pedro Pegenaute

A building for people: collective housing in Pamplona.

On his website, the Spanish architect Javier Larraz writes that it is now clear that "a necessary consequence of the housing crisis should be the end of dwellings as speculative products in order to recuperate their dignity by going back to their original service vocation of attending the needs and hopes of their dwellers".

With his collective housing project in Ripagaina, Pamplona, what he tries to do it meeting people's wishes, creating a shared space right where it is most need.
In a note he notices that if in the past, except for some praiseworthy exceptions, the experimentation in the field of public promotion was limited to a reduced number of actuations in the sphere of public housing, present circumstances - thanks to a diminished market and a greater competition - have favoured the fact that both developers and users are interested in architectonic quality as a really necessary instrument. Therefore, it's time to act.

"La habitación de la fachada" is the video that portraits his vision and his efforts: directed by Pedro Pegenaute, the short film focuses on the everyday life of the inhabitants of the housing he designed. The building, located in Ripagaina, next to the Ripa de Beloso park, profits from its calm and quiet position and from the relation with nature, which helps to make the overall environment way healthier for everyone.

And it's exactly this everyone the true protagonist of the video: what the collective housing wants to do, with its large windows and illuminated interiors, is giving to each inhabitant the possibility to live and grow in a healthier and free space. And it succeeds. Even if in the construction techniques that facilitate serialization and prefabrication have been undertaken, this has not resolved into a serialization of spaces - actually the project attempts to facilitate the maximum possible flexibility, both dimensional and functional. 

Showing one day in the life of "the collective housing in Pamplona", Pedro Pegenaute's video starts way in the morning and follows the course of the day until nighttime: it is in this moment that the mineral aspect of the façade is softened and made more gentle by the lights inside the houses.


Architect: Larraz Arquitectos
Mentioned project: Collective Housing in Ripagaina, Pamplona (2016-2017)
Project location: Ripagaina, Pamplona, Spain
Promoted by: Construcciones Andia

Spain 2018
Duration: 0'40"