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La Florida Metropolitan Clinical Hospital

Pablo Casals-Aguirre

Life Support.

Although brief, this short film soaks up the life that surrounds the La Florida Hospital in Santiago, Chile. By focusing on the people who move in and around the building, Pablo Casals-Aguirre showcases the flourishing communal life of the city and reveals how the community is supported and enriched by the hospital.

The hospital supports life in the city, literally by saving lives, but also by offering itself up as nest for social activity. Shots of market stalls and pedestrian traffic along its perimeter allow us to understand the building as an object in dialogue with its context – both culturally and architecturally.

The 350 meter-long bar building makes a bold statement in the city, however, its presence is not imposing. It's broken up by the bustling urban lives around it. The long bar is split into pieces at ground level that allow the public to filter through.

Like an oxygen mask for a breathless patient, the hospital stimulates the flow of life in the city that surrounds it. It's both a cultural icon and social life support for the city of Santiago.

Authors icon Credits

Architect: Bbats Consulting & Projects SLP, Murtinho+Raby Architects
Mentioned project: La Florida Metropolitan Clinical Hospital (2009-2013)
Project location: La Florida, Santiago, Chile
Music: Alekos Vuskovic
Sound Design: Alekos Vuskovic, Pablo Casals-Aguirre

Chile 2014
Duration: 3'43''