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La Continuación Del Mundo

Urban Think Tank

A citizen as city biographer.

La Continuación Del Mundo portrays a young resident of Medellín, Colombia as she explores how cities form memories about the past and predict the future.

The short film has been produced for the "News From Nowhere" exhibition, held at the Migros Museum for Gegenwartskunst in 2015. The exhibition aimed to bring together artists, architects, designers, scientists, and documentarians to open a cross-disciplinary discussion on issues facing contemporary society. U-TT Films teamed up with the Korean artistic duo Moon Kyungwon & Jeon Joonho to launch the newest version of their ongoing News From Nowhere project, which had previously appeared in the "dOCUMENTA (13)" art exhibition in Kassel, Germany as well as the Sullivan Galleries at the School of the Art Institute in Chicago in 2013.

U-TT and Moon & Jeon developed a novel adaptation of the classical agora – the place of assembly as well as festive congregation in ancient Greece – in order to 'reclaim' urban space. In their vision, the traditionally static agora has been mobilized; it can leave the exhibition space to roam the urban environment. It consists of a converted bicycle (Mobile Agora - Mothership), which records images and sounds and plays them back, as well as movable stands for spectators (Mobile Agora - Tribune) that can also be folded and deployed outside, on streets, sidewalks, and plazas. The ensemble is conceived as infrastructure that enables the residents of a city to communicate and share ideas. Inspired by mobile street vendors' carts, the bicycle is equipped with media appliances facilitating interaction in a range of formats, including microphones, speakers, screens, projectors, and recording devices.

The short film, La Continuación del Mundo, has been produced as contents to be shared in the new agora. In the film, the camera frames steps of a young girl living in Medellin as she shares her personal thoughts and perceptions of her city. She considers herself the biographer of a city, metaphorically depicting its network of villages and structures as interdependent organs and appendages of a human body. While wandering the city's streets in a reflective mood, she describes its public space as scenery for lives, and each citizens have his or her own city-tale to tell. Spatial surroundings act as bookmarks to store and recall past memories, as well as future memories which have yet to be forged. As the collective of individual people's memories meet in the city, people's differences become recognizable. Individual memories collide to form a history; they find company with old memories that have preceded and new ones that will follow.

(Story by Alex Petruso, The Architecture Player)


Architect: Urban Think Tank
Mentioned project: New From Nowhere: Zürich Laboratory (2015)
Location: Medellin, Colombia
Producer: Alfredo Brillembourg, Hubert Klumpner
Director, cinematographer, editor: Daniel Schwartz
Production and camera assistant: Santiago Loaiza Echeverri
Production assistants: Juan Manuel Restrepo, Federico Lopez Arteaga
Editing assistant: Davide Bernardis
Composer: Marcel Aubert
Performer: Angela Ospina
Voice Over: María Paula Celia Ospina
In collaboration with: Moon & Jeon

Switzerland 2015
Duration: 4’37’’