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Factory Fifteen

Side effects of desires are sometime unpredictable.

In Zanzibar, two young friends with big dreams are eager to give a change to their lives. Something happens at certain point. But is this what they were looking for? Jonah is a story about unpredictable changes, and about the links and the distances between the old and the new.

Mbwana and his best friend Juma photograph by accident an unusual fish. This gigantic creature becomes an attraction and the city progressively turns into a tourist destination, in a radical and dramatic way, becoming a capitalistic tourist trap under the effects of excessive and uncontrolled commercialization. Banners, signs, attractions are superimposed in an accumulation of iconic but useless images. Visual pollution is almost blurred with the environmental one, in a reality where it is not so easy to distinguish which objects are still meaningful and which are totally useless. Mbwana becomes older and disregards how his city mutated. He meets the fish again and a duel between the two follows.

Live action and stunning visual effects are merged in the video to depict a dystopian reality. While working on the short film, Factory Fifteen conceived and designed the two world where Jonah takes place, one emerged and one submerged, and produced a series of images, spaces and components which were collected in an artwork book with hundreds of illustrations.


Director: Kibwe Tavares
Writer: Jack Thorne
Producer: Ivanna MacKinnon
Actors: Daniel Kaluuya Malachi Kirby, Louis Mahoney
Town VFX: Factory Fifteen
Fish VFX: Jellyfish Pictures
Exec Producers: Katherine Butler, Ollie Madden, Chris Collins, Phil Dobree, Eva Yates
Co-Producer: Fiz Oliver
Line Producer: Sarah Jane Wheale
Editor: Adam Biskupski
Cinematographer: Chloe Thomson
Production Designer: Paul Nicholls, Jonathan Gales
Fish Concept Art: Warren Holder
Composer: Mark Sayfritz
Sound Design: Jens Petersen
Sound Recordis: Will Whale
Costume Designer: Celia Lusted
Casting Directors: Saheen Baig & Aisha Walters

United Kingdom 2012
Duration: 17'45''