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Interior Wildness

Domaine de Boisbuchet


This video is part of a series on the Domaine de Boisbuchet’s workshops. The Domaine de Boisbuchet is an international center for design, architecture and applied arts, in the southwest of France founded in 1989. Find more videos following the tag #Boisbuchet.

Josep Pujiula i Vila was a constructor working near Olot, north of Catalonia: Guillermo Santomá visited some of the ruins of his wild work, before the council unfortunately destroyed some of his big cathedrals, after Pujiula i Vila’s death. For his workshop at Boisbuchet, Santomá decided to homage his heritage by creating what he called "a new architectural environment that blurs the boundaries of the inside and outside".

Josep Pujiula i Vila used local and recycled materials such as stones and wood, to imagine and build a world of impossible structures, realizing an architecture that could not only be contemplated but had to be experienced. On the other hand, Santomá's approach is summed by the formula "to create is to destroy": never pre-sketching his work, Santomá’s work is a constant process of deformation and creation (one of his most famous work is the total transformation of Casa Horta – an architectonic, artistic intervention in a traditional Horta house, originally from the beginning of the 20th century). Both radical, those approaches informed the workshop "Interior Wilderness".

In the video, we are able to capture a glimpse of Santomá's approach, not just a "learn-by-doing" attitude: but a deeper and profound attention to the thing itself, as if everything was already contained in the project and one's duty was to bring it to life. Participants here are not merely medium, by the way, but help it to grow, to make it possible.

"Starting from one of the rooms of the castle, we will practice a wild (interior) architecture that might even leave the building" promised Santomá - among colorful ropes, synthetic colors and the natural environment of the Chateau, we see the tree house being transformed from a concept into a reality.


Architect: Guillermo Santomá
Mentioned project: Interior Wilderness (2018)
Project location: Domaine de Boisbuchet, Lessac, France
Participants: Corentin Still, Ovidi Benet, Chen Yahui, Anna Shalaeva, Naomi Pham, Anne Sophie Grenness

France 2018
Duration: 2'42"