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I am recycled

PKMN [pacman] Architectures

Take a fly-through into a real model, augment it with keywords and design strategies, find an effective way to communicate the project.

As we learnt from Robert Venturi, a building could be a manifesto. This is true for the multi-activity space designed by PKMN for Grupo Emaús Bidasoa that operates in various social fields. A recycling icon drawn on the renovated building façade declares the reuse and recycling activities accommodated inside. The "I am recycled" video shows the strategy used by PKMN for designing the new look and functions for the former industrial building.

The project follows a two-phase competition that PKMN won, being subsequently commissioned the design. PKMN preserved the identity of the original reinforced concrete structure as well as its industrial character, and considered the existing condition as the realm to which new signs could be added.

The refurbishment was achieved by adopting two principles. The first, the "Upgrade Kits”, consists in adding everything is necessary to upgrade the building to accommodate new functions and comply to current regulations. The second, the "Supergraphics", aims at introducing the identity of Grupo Emaús, green color being chosen for its reference to sustainability and recycling. As a last step, a building within a building was materialized by means of standard and low cost structures aimed to define spaces for specific functions.

A fly-through inside the the model, augmented in its communicative potential by mean of keywords detailing functions and design concepts, is the simple but effective way chosen to introduce the project and its contents through the video.


Architect: PKMN [pacman] Architectures
Mentioned project: I Am Recycled. Ekocenter (2013-2014)
Project location: Arrasate, Spain

Spain 2013
Duration: 1'28''