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Taller de Casquería

An urban device that slightly subverts the perception of Madrid.

Taller de Casquería architects film a parkour workout as a powerful way to closely explore the "Hypertube", an unconventional public space they designed in Madrid in collaboration with PKMN Architectures. The gravity defying movements of the free runners, from Barbarrio group, are slowed down to showcase the spatial possibilities of this unexpected vertical playground and habitable monument.

The "traceurs" routine constantly challenges their relationship with architectural space. In the same way, within a general pilot program of urban improvement promoted by the City Council - the "Tetuán District CityScape Quality Improvement Program" -, the six precast reinforced concrete tubes of the "Hypertube" structure are conceived to subvert the traditional perception of Madrid’s landscape, moving away from the prevailing standardization of stereotyped shared spaces through the use of evolutionary, changeable, even removable urban infrastructures.


Architect: Taller de Casquería
Mentioned project: Hypertube (2014)
Project location: Tetuán, Madrid, Spain
Production: PKMN [pacman] Architectures, Taller de Casquería
Photo: Javier de Paz

Spain 2014
Duration: 1'57''

Selected for PUBLIC SYMPHONIES (Rome; October 2014), a public talk and architectural video screening curated by Image for MAXXI.