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Home not from Home

Filippo Macelloni

A customized intimacy is revealed in the hotel designed by King Roselli Architetti.

The video-installation by Filippo Macelloni presented the project of the luxury Es Hotel in Rome at the exhibition “Next Soho” in Tokyo (2003).

The project for the hotel was part of a larger urban plan - comprising the surrounding blocks - drawn up by Rome City Council to improve the area and keep up with the historical importance of the rest of this central district of the city (Esquilino, Rome), near Termini Station.

The two-way split screen of the video focuses on an example of the typical daily routine within the hotel. Macelloni shows the flexible intimacy of the design of each single room, which seems to adapt to the customer’s needs (from bedroom to meeting room) and to provide the perception of feeling at home.


Architect: King Roselli Architetti
Mentioned project: Es Hotel (2002)
Project location: Rome, Italy

Italy 2003
Duration: 5'21''

Selected for INTIMACY, the 2003 edition of the BEYOND MEDIA Festival organized by Image.