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Hogar Sin Casa

Izaskun Chinchilla

Your home is where your augmented bike takes you.

Barbie's colored world becomes the background for a story about flexible and sustainable dwellings to be built through the reuse of existing structures, objects and spaces and an effective handling of local plants and vegetable gardens in the Murcia region (Spain).

Borrowing from the collective imagination related to the famous doll, the animated short film produced by Izaskun Chinchilla narrates "Hogar sin casa", a proposal for twelve adaptable and temporary habitative units designed by a group of students of the Taller Para la Innovación Social y el Desarrollo de Servicios y Productos Arquitectónicos Sostenibles, a workshop curated by the Observatorio del Diseño y la Arquitectura de la Region de la Murcia.

The animation playfully outlines the project, which is based on an in-depth analysis of the local conditions as well as on innovative and sustainable theories of transformation of the traditional idea of inhabiting the territory. A prolific creativity is combined with the awareness of the specific issues and potentials of the area in the design of inventions such as the "augmented reality bike", the "car in the shade", the "water wheel".

In the pleasant simulation of an imaginary day-in-the-life of the Murcia visitors and inhabitants (kindly played by Barbie and her friends), the twelve designed units are mostly not-invasive and temporary devices that increase the social values of the existing houses and gardens as community spaces and allow to move around, eat and sleep within the Spanish region in an innovative and sustainable way.


Architect: Izaskun Chinchilla
Mentioned project: Hogar sin casa (2009)
Project location: Murcia, Spain
Video Production and Animation: Jorge Valiente
Architectural Design and Graphic: Carmen Blanco, Rosana Galián
Artistic Production and Models: Carlos Jiménez Cenamor
Colaboration in Artistic Production: Cristina Gómez
Animation: Tamara Acosta, Amaia Sánchez Velasco, Gonzalo Valiente
Voice: Miguel Valiente
Musical Guitar Arrangement: Diego Lipnizky

Spain 2010
Duration: 9'08''