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Hello, Ms. Hock

Jordi Bernadó, 15-L. Films

Architectural representation challenged by narrative.

This innovative and unusual video experiment, directed by Jordi Bernadó and produced by 15-L. Films and the architect Daniel Mòdol, explores the vision of a fictional character, world famous painter Ms. Hock, by means of a complete subversion of the traditional narrative styles used in the architectural communication, through an ideal contraposition of the concepts of time and space.

"Hello Ms. Hock" opens with a medley of words, 8 minutes of audio from the interview with Ms. Hock play without any images or visual context, in contraposition to the crystallized fixed framing of some preliminary moments of the working sessions, without words or time.

The photographer Jordi Bernadó - in collaboration with Daniel Mòdol, architect of the Casa de la Cultura in Lloret de Mar, and Pati Nuñez, cultural communicator - aims at narrating and observing in video the poetics of Ms. Hock's art in terms of space and absence of time.


Architect: Daniel Mòdol
Mentioned project: Casa de la Cultura (2011)
Project location: Lloret de Mar, Spain

Spain 2012
Duration: 12'52''