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A bunch of new projects, in the gentle giant hands of the architects.

This short film by ArtefactoryLab explores the genesis of three projects designed by OLGGA Architectes, from conception to final construction. The Flake House (Nantes, France), the Student Housing (Le Havre, France) and the Sport Center (Grande Synthe, France) are narrated by using an out-of-range effect, that seems to simulate a perspective similar to that of the architects’ own point of view.

The French firm commissioned "Hands on" to the ArtefactoryLab team in order to present their works at the AJAP 2010 exhibition. In fast-forward sequences without dialogues, the camera moves from within the OLGGA office - showing the architects at work - to the real contexts of the projects, where abstract elements are placed and shaped by giant hands.

The Flake House during a shooting in Paris in the Buttes Chaumont, the Student Housing in Le Havre harbor and the Sport Center in Grande Synthe during a training in the rugby field: real situations, with people, cars and bicycles moving, appear to be like scale models on the architects' desks, where objects are shaped until they get the final form of the project.


Directors: Olivier Campagne, Renny Bossu
Architect: OLGGA Architectes
Mentioned projects: Flake House (Nantes, France); 100 Recycled Container Student Housing at the harbor (Le Havre); Sport Center in Basroch (Grande Synthe, France)
Music: da brasilians

France 2010
Duration: 3'13''

Selected for ARCHITECTURE VISIONS. Erratic language in architectural narratives (Rome; July - September 2011), a series of public talks, conferences, and architecture videos on six dates curated by Image for MAXXI.