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Globalized Bauhaus


Proposal for the new Bauhaus Museum.

2A+P/A and Andrea Branzi introduce their entry to the new Bauhaus Museum architectural competition with this short film. The video presents their design through a sequence of selected views of a physical model of their project. Here, the use of maquette allows the filmmakers to carefully curate camera position, depth of field, and lighting conditions in order to accentuate specific aspects of the design.

The new Bauhaus Museum is a large aviary, operating as a complex three-dimensional device that organizes a synthesis between the human-animal universe. It is a planetary garden of biodiversity. The aviary features a large, open interior space, loaded with the natural and artificial landscape of the city. The ground level is conceived as a portion of productive land that positions the new Bauhaus Museum as a nucleus between various, harmonic animal universes.

A grid of pilotis suspend a glazed cover above the entire project. The museum's exhibition spaces, offices, and service spaces are organized as a three-story linear gallery and positioned with bias towards one end of the site. With the museum's interior activities arrayed across its broad face like a large-scale inhabitable shelf, the gallery sets itself up as a backdrop for the activity of the landscape in the foreground.

(Story by Alex Petruso, The Architecture Player)


Architect: Andrea Branzi, 2A+P/A
Mentioned project: New Bauhaus Museum (2015)
Project location: Dessau, Germany

Italy 2015
Duration: 2'06''