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Game of Houses

KOKO architects

A video portfolio resuming the most relevant works by Koko Architects

Game of Houses is the video-portfolio introducing the most relevant works completed by Koko Architects over the past 15 years. The projects are introduced by a representative statement and filmed at first from the distance, so as to visualize the urban context and the most relevant overall design strategies, then the camera zooms in to explore each project more in detail.

The first project introduced in the short film, The Fahle House, is a good example of the approach used by the team in renovating and re-thinking old building. Within the complex of a former cellulose and paper factory, the most outstanding building is the tall and voluminous boiler house (1926) built from limestone and designed by architect Erich Jacoby. The architects enhanced at best the character of this existing structure by accurately renovating it and then superimposed a new glass volume, to host new residences.

The Fahle House, shortlisted for architecture category at the 2007 Design of the Year award promoted by the London Design Museum, is not the only case of reuse shown in the video. Another one is, for example, the Rotermann Carpenter’s Workshop, an office building composed by three towers superimposed on a two-storey historical industrial building, or the Seaplane Harbour, a former hangar built in 1916 facing the seaside and characterized by a peculiar curved rooftop recently converted into the new Estonian Maritime Museum.

Besides those renovation projects, new buildings are not missing in the list of works by KOKO as, for example, the new Synagogue, the extension of the English College Sports Complex, or the Kuldala Residential Area. The last project featured in the short film is the Tallinn TV Tower: the old Soviet technostructure is converted into a modern tourist attraction, offering a panoramic view on the city.


Mentioned projects: Fahle House (2004-2007), Seaplane Harbour (2009-2012), Tallin English College Sports Complex (2004-2007), Great Guild Hall (2008-2011), The Estonian Health Care Museum (2010-2014), Tallin Synagogue (2004-2004), Kuldala Residential Area (2007-2011), Metro Plaza (2006-2009), Rotermann Carpenter’s Workshop (2006-2009), Tallin TV Tower (2009-2012)
Project location: Tallin, Estonia

Estonia 2016
Duration: 6'51''