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Fundacion Proa

Manu Landivar

The Fundacio Proa Art Center in Buenos Aires.

Buenos Aires is a fascinating city, one where memories of the old immigrations are strong and shaped the city during centuries. In the "La Boca" neighborhood this especially happens, for lot of permanences from the ancient italian immigration. La Boca is also facing the sea, and has a peculiar waterfront made by various kinds of buildings: warehouses and storages stand aside old residential ones, also the renown "Transbordate Bridge", an ancient transporter bridge, is nearby. Here the Fundacio Proa for Contemporary Art is located.

The Fundacio Proa Art Center, designed by Caruso Torricella, takes the place of three old mixed use buildings built in the late 1890s, conserving the original historical facade in the central part and having contemporary transparent facades for the lateral buildings. The short film by Manu Landivar shows how direct is the visual relationship from the interior to the waterfront landscape sourronding. Following visitors moving in the Art center, the camera also reveals how spaces are connected in a continuous path.


Architect: Caruso-Torricella
Mentioned project: Proa Art Center (2008)
Project location: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Argentina 2014
Duration: 3'13''