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FREE + Mapas 2013 Book Launch at Museum of Modern Art, Mexico City

FR-EE Fernando Romero Enterprise

A book, architectural models, and video coexist in a superimposition of media objects.

In this video by Fernando Romero Enterprise (FR-EE), the architectural model is shown and celebrated as a social catalyst of the representation and communication of the design process to the collective imagination.

Starting with a close-up inside the scale models of some of the project by the Mexican architect, this short live-footage narrates and recreates the atmosphere of the exhibition at the Mexico's Museum of Modern Art (2013) for the launch of the studio's latest publication.

As an activator of the social role of the architectural narration, the video allows a wider audience - even those who couldn't actually be present at the exhibit - to be virtually part of the event as well as to catch a glimpse of the architects' vision and its impact on a social context from a distance.


Architect: FR-EE Fernando Romero Enterprise
Mentioned projects: PH Museum (Qatar, 2012), MADU - Museo de Arte y Urbanismo (Mexico City, Mexico, 2011), Contemporary Art Museum (Tulum, Mexico, 2011), Mexic-Arte Museum (Austin, US, 2012), The Sun (Miami, US, 2013), Museo Soumaya (Mexico City, Mexico, 2010)

Mexico 2013
Duration: 1'36''