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Foulness Archaeology

Clare Dallimore

A hand drawn history to introduce a heritage center on the UK coastline.

A series of hand-drawn illustrations were the basis to produce this short film introducing the project for a new Heritage Center hunkered within the sinking estuarine flood zones of East Essex on the coast of England.

The project area has a peculiar value for its natural and historical past, having been a ornithological relevant place and also a military outpost. The building is mainly underground, following the suggestion of Paul Virilio's bunker archeology. It is composed of a series of cast-driven volumes which enhance selected and peculiar views, directing the visitors' gaze through the exhibition space to to the surrounding landscape. The building deals with the atmosphere of the past ongoing glories and history of the place, so visitors can spot a Great Crested Grebe while having a cup of tea or can recall the ancient capabilities of heavy-duty British artillery.

This short film is an essay about representing architectural project through hand drawn animation, and is created entirely from scanned in, hand-drawn images while the moving parts are made by principle of cel animation of frame. By including some animated cut-outs and the visitors meandering into the space, the author highlights certain moments and atmospheres of the building and brings them to life. The video was produced for the final project at the 4th year Master in Architecture at the Bartlett School of Architecture within the Unit 24 led by Penelope Haralambidou, Michael Tite and Simon Kennedy, where students are driven to test film as a way to experience and represent architecture.


Mentioned project: New Heritage Centre and Exhibition Hall (2016)
Project location: East Essex, England

United Kingdom 2016
Duration: 2'33''