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An urban action to save people stopped in traffic.

This video documents an experimental project, "FILEkit©", that tries to subvert and redefine the perspective about the traffic jam, studied in both its social and spacial aspects as one of the most intense experiences of contemporary life.

Revealing the interest of Artgineering about the experimental themes between architecture, urban actions and art, the video documents how the driver's typical condition of isolation and anonymity is suddenly interrupted as he/she is provided with a very special kit: a collection of items conceived to stimulate communication and unthought activities right in the middle of a traffic jam. The toolbox is designed to encourage the drivers to start interactive behaviors with other people stuck in traffic and to pass by the physical and mental barriers of their cars.


Author: D+.NL, feld72
Mentioned project: FILEKit©

The Netherlands 2003
Duration: 3'29''

First selected for INTIMACY, the 2003 edition of BEYOND MEDIA Festival organized by Image.