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Mauricio Freyre

A close view of an inspiring, isolated oasis of creativity and rest.

Mauricio Freyre's camera seems to be spying inside the cozy, suspended atmosphere of architect Alejandro Sticotti's project for a house in the tranquil Buenos Aires suburb of Olivos (Argentina). It is an inspiring oasis of creativity and rest, isolated from the more traditional neighboring buildings and almost floating on the rich surrounding greenery.

With a sensitive and detail-oriented approach, Freyre displays how the architect designed a place for his family in which they could feel comfortable and creative, surrounded by their objects of everyday life such as photographs, books and crafts that evoke trips and memories of the past.

The short film also lingers on the unique balance between the modern design elements of this  architecture and the materials of Sticotti’s native culture, such as the warm South American hardwoods.

Authors icon Credits

Architect: Alejandro Sticotti
Mentioned project: Casa en Olivos
Project location: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Spain 2013
Duration: 2'32''