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Felgueiras Church

Building Pictures

A church welcomes its community on its inauguration ceremony.

Building Pictures releases a film about the new Church of Our Lady of Fatima in Lagares, Felgueiras, designed by FCC Arquitectura, celebrating the conclusion of 15 years of work. No better way to do so, than portraying the churches as it welcomes its community - whose support was decisive in the construction of the church - on its inauguration ceremony.

The film documents the planning for the inaugural day of the Church of Lagares. It all starts early in the morning with the preparation of a flower carpet surrounding the nearly empty church: the choice of setting the video in this day is simple, yet effective, underlining the strong bond of this sacred building with its community. The overall atmosphere of the video is festival and familiar: it is a celebration of a new member of the community and a new place of socialization. This is why Sara Nunes of Building Pictures has focused on the people and their curiosity, as well as on the architectural qualities of the church.

As it is noted in an article on "designboom , "the project incorporates various symbols in its design, while the curved line as a gesture and as a form associated with reception and protection informs the building’s shape, materialized in two curving walls, almost completely loose from the ground, that guide people to the main entrance of the church."

"The first people start to arrive and observe the construction curiously," comments Building Picture. "The brass band starts playing the first chords and the atmosphere is familiar and festive. The film moves to the interior of the church, still empty, waiting for the bishop to begin the ceremonies. The sculptures and altars of Paulo Neves are in harmony with the light that invades the numerous windows that cover the room."

The procession guides our gaze, leading us inside the church, where the celebration is held, and, then, outside again, where now we can enjoy the architectural quality of the building by FCC Arquitectura. The feeling is to be invited to this day, to be part of the community as well as representing an unusual, yet perfect "post-occupancy" case.

(Story by Sara Marzullo, The Architecture Player)


Architect: FCC Arquitectura
Mentioned project: Church of Lagares, Felgueiras (2005-2019)
Project location: Lagares, Felgueiras, Portugal
Directed by: Sara Nunes
Camera and editing: Sara Nunes and Maria Gonçales
Sound Design: Ana Pedro
Music: Firefly Music - Lightscape

Portugal 2019
Duration: 2'43"