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Expansión Museo de Arte Moderno de Medellín / Ctrl G + 51-1 Arquitectos

Federico Cairoli

A former industrial building converted to a cultural centre: new atmospheres in Medellin.

The short film, by Federico Cairoli, introduces the expansion of the Museo de Arte Moderno in Medellín (MAMM), Colombia. The project was designed as a collaboration between former group Ctrl G (Viviana Peña, Catalina Patiño) and 51-1 Arquitectos (César Becerra, Manuel de Rivero, Fernando Puente Arnao). The design expands Talleres de Robledo, the current headquarters of the museum and former iron and steel building, in order to add exhibition halls needed for the museum's own collections, as well as more cultural and artistic spaces for the city.

The film follows individuals as they move around the exterior, slowly entering the overlapping rectangular volumes of the building. This composition focuses on showing the variety of atmospheric spaces developed through light, material, and transparency. Additionally, this perspective allows individuals to have unique auditory experiences within the different volumes. Moving from interior to exterior, the viewer begins to understand how the MAMM fits within the audio landscape of Medellín.

Interior exhibition spaces are designed to extend to the exterior, while public exterior spaces also expand into the building. This organization brings artistic spaces out into the public realm. This sort of designed reality surrounding the building remains adaptable to the exhibitions being displayed, and the needs of the user. The public exterior spaces are beneficial to daily life in Medellín. In the community, the renovation is culturally strengthening Ciudad del Río, the old industrial zone, through public squares, creating spaces for meeting, recreation, and entertainment from the MAMM.

(Story by Cara Welch, The Architecture Player)


Architect: Ctrl G (Viviana Peña, Catalina Patiño), 51-1 arquitectos (César Becerra, Manuel de Rivero y Fernando Puente Arnao)
Mentioned project: Expansión del Museo de Arte Moderno de Medelliín
Project location: Medelliín, Colombia

Colombia 2016
Duration: 4'38''